What does the agency expect from the company?

1.    The client supplies the agency with all the information it considers necessary for the execution of its professional work. The client allows the agency to become familiar with any problems and where neccessary, with the strategy, organisation and culture of the contracting company.

2.    The client accepts the fact that recruitment is a reciprocal process of choice between the employee and the employer, and is ready to give all neccessary information to the agency and the applicant so that the latter may make a real and conscious choice. 

3.    The client gives exclusive preference to the agency both in its own interest and that of the applicants.

4.    The applicants, both internally and externally and whether they are sourced in an active or passive manner by the client him/herself through his/her own channels, are added to the recruitment file.

5.    The client accepts that the agency may request reasonable remuneration for work accomplished, even in the case where the final result is not reached.

6.    The client immediately informs the agency of any change likely to occur during the execution of its mission.

7.    The client guarantees to respect the confidentiality of the information given to it by the agency.

8.    The client accepts that the commitment made by the agency concerns only the methods and not the results. In addition, the agency will use all its professional expertise to ensure the success of the mission.