1.    The agency guarantees to successfully complete the mission. In order to do so, it depends on the expertise of its employees. This expert knowledge is based on :

  • an understanding of the structure and functioning of organisations and the skills required for the position concerned
  • knowledge of personnel management in the organisations
  • knowledge of the structure and workings of the employment market
  • competence in the application of selection and recruitment methods
  • an attitude which is seen to display objectivity, impartiality and respect for the client and applicants.

2.    A recruitment file is managed by a project manager. He/she will preferably have a university education and/or relevant practical experience in the area of recruitment and selection. He/ she will assume responsibility for this file and will satisfy at least one of the following conditions :

  • at least five years professional experience in human resources or related sector ;
  • higher education training (basic training in higher education including the completion of a degree course) and have at least five years professional experience in the sector.

3.    Persons practicing selection (under the supervision of a project manager) will satisfy at least one of the following conditions :

  • at least three years professional experience in the area of human resources or company management ;
  • at least three years basic studies in higher education, including the first two years of a degree course).

4.    If diagnostic instruments are used, they must have a sufficient scientific basis. The client may demand explanations of the assessment instruments used.

5.    Psychological diagnostic instruments may only be used under the responsibility of a psychologist.

6.    Contact with referees is only made after an in-depth analysis of the application in such a way as to work with only targeted questions. This procedure will only be used if it is approved by the applicant concerned and never with the applicant’s current employer unless the applicant has given his/ her explicit permission.

7.    Consultants only work within their area of competence. Experts may be called upon for specific assessment purposes.