Commitments to the applicant

1.    Potential applicants receive the most objective and complete information possible on the function and profile sought, so that they can decide whether to become part of a selection procedure.

2.    During the procedure, the applicant has the right of access to all useful information on the organisation, the content of the duties involved, the working conditions and the ensuing stages of the procedure.

3.    The applicant is kept up-to-date on the state of progress of the procedure and the decision taken on his/ her behalf. He/ she receives the name and address of the consultant dealing with his/ her application.

4.    During the course of the procedure, the applicant must be treated with due respect.  

5.    The applicant has the right to request to see his/ her file and the opinions put forward by the agency. The applicant has the right to request a copy of his/ her file.

6.    No reference may be requested without the written autorisation of the applicant. Explicit mention on a CV of persons entitled to act as referees will be taken as implicit authorisation.

7.    The agency respects the private lives of workers as well as the data relevant to this. It undertakes not to request such data and to use it solely in the context of a professional intervention and with the express permission of the applicant.  The agency applies the provisions of the law of 08 September 1992 on the protection of privacy (provisions relative to the duty of disclosure, right of scrutiny, right of correction and withdrawal) in the interest of the worker and the data relevant to his/ her private life.  

8.    The questions asked and the tests proposed will be chosen according to their relevance in relation to the mission in question.

9.    The employees of the agency must be impartial at all times, behave in a respectful impartial and non-discriminatory way   (in relation to sex, disablement, race or maximum age) and must only be guided by their professionalism and desire to satisfy the client, employees and applicants.

10.    Funds must never be demanded from the applicants under any pretext. The agency is not liable for any fees incurred by the applicant during travel or in order to obtain documents or information unless it has otherwise been agreed with the client.