Description of a sector of activity

A recruitment agency is a physical or moral person or a private or public company which helps other organisations find staff.

The term “Recruitment" covers all forms of recruitment or hiring of applicants: externally and internally, by means of advertisements, databases and spontaneous offers or through a direct approach. "Selection" covers all activities carried out at the request and expense of the client with a view to establishing the suitability of an applicant or applicants to fill one or several vacant positions.

Thanks to their knowledge of diagnostic methods and/or their experience of the duties fulfilled by persons within organisations, recruitment consultants can also offer opinions on competence, internal changes in personnel, the composition and functioning of teams, organisational structures, training needs and learning processes as well as working conditions.

These services are supplied in a context of total independence both in relation to organisations which call upon objective consultancy services and in relation to the persons who are presented and analysed.