Definition of the candidate’s profile, the job content, its duration, the working environment, the organization’s structure and hierarchy,...

Together we build up a clear and specific definition of the content of the function.


Identification of the potential candidates

In order to optimize our searches, we automatically combine several approaches :

  • « Direct search » on the belgian and international markets
  • Our data Base
  • Publication on our web site
  • « Searches » via a job ads and job boards
  • Searches via the social networks


We run a first check based on the first incoming CV’s already analyzed


First phone contact

We take direct contact with the candidates in order to know their availabilities, their expectations (Brief presentation of the function’s content, the possible career evolution, salary level, candidate’s expectations…).


Interview face to face


If the first phone contact is positive

We meet the candidate in order to broaden our analysis and to go deeper in details with the elements of their professional background : experience, motivations, specific technical competencies, global salary package ...

  • If the contact is not very conclusive, we inform the candidate
  • This (anonymous) contact will be listed in annex with all the candidates neither not matching the function, nor not wishing to proceed further in the recruitment process for this specific function

Short list

  • Following the interviews, you’ll receive a list of candidates deemed positives. A detailed report will be issued for each and every candidate.
  • Besides the short list, you’ll also receive an anonymous list of candidates deemed being a less good match with your expectations.

You meet the candidate(s)


If the meeting is positive :

Offer (Analysis, assistance, advices, negotiation details…) and contract signature


If the outcome of the meeting is negative :

we actively continue the searches


Organization of a meeting between you and the employer


Follow up

  • We follow both parties (employer and candidate) for a year
  • We can also provide assistance for the appraisals evaluations (6 months or yearly), the possible promotion propositions, etc…
  • We remain available to any question you might have